The Unexpected

If there’s a word that describes the way 2020 has gone so far, I’d say it’s “unexpected.”

I was writing an email last week when that really hit me in a new way. I mean, who would’ve thought 5 months ago we’d be using words like “pandemic,” “quarantine,” or “social distancing?” It’s amazing just how quickly things can change, how fragile our status quo is, and how quickly history takes a turn. It’s a good reminder that we’re not in control.

What we are in control of though, is our reaction and our actions in response.

If you know me, you know that I love history. I always have and always will. Call me a nerd or whatever, I love history.

I think what people don’t realize about history is that we’re living history right now… in fact, especially right now. But we’re not just passive bystanders watching history be written around us. We have the ability to be our own real time historians, writing what future generations will say about us by our decisions and actions now.

Isn’t that empowering?

We aren’t always able to control or change circumstances around us, that’s for sure. But through our choices in how we react to them we can change the story of those circumstances.

You can take what started out as a bad day and decide not to let it infect the rest of your day.

Or a disease and disability that the world tries to tell you should crush you, but instead you accept that you were never in control to begin with and open yourself up to the purpose God created you for.

Or you can take a pandemic that has ravaged the world, and use it as an opportunity to reach out to those who need help, reset your priorities, and spend some much needed time with family.

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By each of those decisions to view the unexpected as an opportunity, we immediately begin to rewrite the history that others or circumstances tried to write for us.

So, yeah, 2020’s been pretty unexpected so far. Chances are the rest of it’s going to be unexpected as well. But if we focus on what we can control, and effect the world closest to us, we have the opportunity now to write the words that future generations will use describe us then.

Well, those are my remARCs. I hope they in some way, big or small, might have resonated with you. Whether it made you laugh, cry (I hope not too much), smile, or maybe think about life from a different perspective, I hope you take something away from this article that makes your day even the slightest bit better. I’d love to hear your remARCs as well. Feel free to send me an email at, or leave a comment on the My RemARCs Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram pages… unless you hated it. In which case, why are you even still reading this? Hope to see you back here soon. Until then, be well and live remARCably.

One thought on “The Unexpected

  1. Andrew: Your remarks remind me of a Mark Twain quote “The best way to cheer yourself up is to try to cheer somebody else up.” Thank you for doing that!


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